CUNY Central has completed voicemail integrations for CSI voicemail users. Your missed calls will begin forwarding to Microsoft Teams voicemail this week. You will continue to receive voicemail messages in your inbox as an email notification as we migrate CSI voicemail into Microsoft Teams. For the most part, staff will not see major changes for basic voicemail retrieval. However, if a custom voice greeting is necessary, greetings can be changed in Microsoft Teams.

FAQ’s Voice Mail  

1.       Voicemail messages will continue to appear as a message in your inbox. 

2.       Missed call notifications will no longer be available in your email inbox; however, a complete missed call log is available within Microsoft Teams. 

3.       Voice messages can no longer be retrieved from your office desk phone. You will need to either review them from your email or log into Microsoft Teams. 

Incoming Voicemail Call Process  

1.       Your incoming call will ring on your desk phone first.  

2.       If the call is not answered, the call will be directed to Microsoft Teams; the caller will then be able to leave a voicemail. 

3.       You can access new voicemails in your email or log into Microsoft Teams.

Voice Recording  

1.       A default voice recording will state the following: “First name and Last Name is currently unavailable. Please leave a message after the tone.” This recording is automatically enabled for all voicemail accounts. 

2.       Any changes to the default voice recording message will need to be modified within Microsoft Teams.  


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Additional Features  

We encourage you to attend training workshops on Microsoft Teams, which will cover topics such as changing voicemail messages. Information Technology Services will offer these training workshops in April once we receive confirmation from CUNY that the configurations have been completed. Please look for an email regarding these training opportunities.  

By the Office of Information Technology Services