As you know, the current New York City air quality alerts and health warnings advise individuals to reduce outdoor activities, consider wearing a mask, and stay indoors. We are working with CUNY to monitor this latest guidance closely. In the interim, be advised that:

1.  Faculty teaching classes tomorrow, June 8, shall switch on-campus sessions to a remote modality. Please let your students know of any planned changes as soon as possible.

2.  All scheduled outdoor activities should be moved to an indoor venue, postponed, or rescheduled.

3. While there are no plans to close CUNY campuses at this time, employees are advised to consult with their direct supervisors if they prefer to work remotely due to health concerns for tomorrow, June 8.

4.  Please help ensure that campus windows remain closed. Face masks are available in the Department of Public Safety for any member of the campus community who may want or need one.

We will communicate any updates as to Friday’s activities when available.

By Jessica Collura