As a follow up to my previous emails on the launch of CUNYBuy, my office has been receiving many inquires seeking further guidance on training and next steps.  Below is some additional  guidance and information to assist with your transition to CUNYBuy.

  1. General Information about Training

-The CSI Business Office is not providing CUNYBuy training;  This initiative is being led by the CUNYBuy team working out of CUNY central operations;

-CUNYBuy training is available on Blackboard and must be completed before you are granted access to the new system;

-You must pass the course.  At the end of each training you will receive your score – you must score a 75 or better.

  1. Required Training

-Training is currently available for Department staff for the following roles:

                                                            Creator – Create requisitions and submit for Department level approval – (Creators – Verify 2024 budget has been loaded before submitting any new requisitions! – Otherwise, requisitions will have to be approved multiple times)

                                                            Approvers – Approval of requisitions submitted by creators (you must be designated this role / Creators cannot be approvers / see item # 3 for more information)

                                                           Receipts – Acknowledgement of goods & services and request for payment (typically a creator needs to perform this role)

-Department personnel ARE NOT REQUIRED to take the training for the following roles:

                                                             Purchase Order and Dispatch – reserved for Purchasing Department staff only

                                                            Voucher Entry and Approval for goods and services – reserved for Accounts Payable staff only

3.      How Do I Access the Training?

-To access any CUNYBuy course, you will be required to login to Blackboard using your CUNY login credentials (

-Use the following link to enter your credentials and access blackboard:

-To self-enroll into each applicable course:

                                                              i.      Sign into Blackboard and then click “+Enroll” on the left side panel.   

                                                             ii.      Click the Submit button to complete the enrollment. 

                                                           iii.      Click the OK button to proceed to the CUNYBuy course.

-If you are experiencing difficulties accessing the Blackboard training.  Please open a ServiceNow ticket by emailing the HelpDesk ( to report issues that need to be escalated to Central and request it be routed to CIS Training.

  1. Department Approvals

-All requisitions entered in CUNYBuy must be approved before any purchases are made. These approvals are required for all requisitions including ones that are initiated through the Marketplace and those that are non-Marketplace requisitions. The requisition approval process in CUNYBuy differs from the CUNYFirst approval process.

-The approval workflow is based on the following criteria:

                                                              i.      The department associated with the requisition.

                                                             ii.      The dollar value of the requisition.

-A requisition with a value of less than $2,500 requires one level of approval (Department 1 approval);

-A requisition with a value of $2,500 – $10,000 requires two levels of approval (Departments 1 and 2);

-All requisitions with a value of $10,000 or greater requires three levels of approval (Departments 1, 2, and 3).

-Please refer to the online documents for more on

                                                              i.      File: “CUNYBuy Guide – Departmental Approval” – Provides an overview on requisition approval workflow; and

                                                             ii.      File: “CUNYBuy Requisition approvers – CSIPR July 2023” – Listing of requisition approvers as of 7/1/2023

  1. Online CUNYBuy New Procure to Pay (P2P) Support Sessions

-Creators, department approvers, category approver, asset approver, GASB approvers and Inspectors: Advance registration is not required. You are required to have completed the Blackboard training prior to joining these sessions.

-For FAQs and additional information visit the CUNYBuy Sharepoint site

  1. Chartfield Coding

-Requisitions created for tax levy-funded (OTPS) purchases will require chartfield coding;

-The online document titled: “CUNYBuy Department Coding Strings – 7.18.23” – Lists general department coding by division to assist in populating chartField strings in CUNYBuy;

-PLEASE NOTE: This coding SHOULD NOT be used for requisitions tied to unique funding (i.e., Material Fees, Tech Fee, Lump Sump Programs, CUNY Allocations, etc.) Coding will be provided on an ad hoc basis. Please contact your Division Budget Coordinator with any questions.

By Carlos Serrano