Throughout the summer, we have scheduled two sessions per week for your convenience. This includes a drop-in session and a one-on-one session. If you require assistance outside of these sessions, please feel free to contact Fausto Canela at or call 718.982.3933.

Drop-In Sessions: Troubleshooting in Blackboard

The drop-in sessions will take place every Monday and Wednesday for the duration of the summer. You can access the drop-in sessions by using the links provided in the table below.

One-on-One Session: Setting Up Specific Features in My Course

The purpose of the one-on-one sessions is to allow faculty members to meet with the Faculty Center staff and address any specific features or issues pertaining to their Blackboard courses. Please note that one-on-one sessions are available by appointment only, and faculty members are encouraged to email Fausto Canela at to schedule an appointment.

Please refer to the table below for the dates and times of each session.

Date/TimeTitle Modality Access Link
July 24
10:00am-10:45amDrop-in Session: Troubleshooting In BlackboardIn-person, or VirtualCLICK ZOOM LINK
July 26
11:00am-noonOne-on-One: Setting Up Specific Features in My Blackboard CourseVirtualCLICK ZOOM LINK

By Fausto Canela