This workshop will introduce the Blackboard Ally (BB Ally) tool, which reviews Blackboard course content and evaluates the level of ADA compliance. You may have observed the following images within BB (visible only to instructor) which are indicators that measure accessibility of PDF, Word, PowerPoint, and other files: 

  • low gaugeLow: File is not accessible and requires immediate attention to correct accessibility issues. 
  • medium gaugeMedium: File is somewhat accessible. The file could be improved. 
  • high gaugeHigh: File is accessible. There are non-critical issues to be improved. 
  • perfect gaugePerfect: File is accessible. No improvement needed. 

Tips for creating ADA-compliant documents and remediating non-compliant documents will also be covered. 

Presenters: Michael Castelli, LMS Administrator; Shivan Mahabir, Assistant Director of Assistive Technology; and Stephanie Haskell, Office of Accessibility Services

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By the Faculty Center Team: Wilma Jones, Fausto Canela, and Michael Castell