Forbes magazine has ranked the College of Staten Island No. 3 on its list of the Top 25 Colleges nationally delivering the highest bang for the tuition buck. CSI was the top and only New York institution in the Top 10, joined by seven other CUNY institutions that made the Top 25.

Forbes’s list of the top institutions offering the best bang for the tuition buck reinforces our long-standing tradition of being a best value college in the country,” said CSI President Dr. Timothy G. Lynch. “CSI graduates a majority of students debt-free while offering strong pathways to career opportunities and high earning power after college. We pride ourselves on providing an education that leads to success post-graduation without the overwhelming strain of student debt and financial commitment.”

Of the College of Staten Island, Forbes noted, “The four-year public college offers students degrees in biology, data science, history and entrepreneurship. Alumni of the college earn median salaries of $61,900 six years after graduation, and those who borrow take out a median of $14,350 in federal student loans to finance their education.” The ratio of earnings to debt incurred helped CSI achieve its ranking of No. 3 behind California State University, Los Angeles, and the University of Chicago. Other factors include the rate of time it takes for students to pay off student debt.

Forbes’s ranking is the latest in a long line of citations commending the College as a best-value institution. Forbes has consistently ranked CSI a top college and among its schools with the lowest debt score, while Best Value Schools recently named CSI a top college in its national rankings as well. CollegeNet has recognized CSI among the best schools nationally for Social Mobility, and most recently, ranked CSI No. 1 nationally in teacher earnings post-graduation.

To see the full list of Forbes’s Top 25 colleges offering the best bang for tuition buck, visit their Website.