As a follow-up to the Important Security Updates message sent on Thursday,Oct. 5, we wanted to update the College community regarding CUNY’s plan to replace the text messaging authentication method for multi-factor authentication (MFA) with the Microsoft Authentication App starting Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2023. As announced by, CUNY CIO Seb Formoso, “Given the cybersecurity threat environment, it is imperative that we proactively fortify the CUNY network and IT infrastructure to safeguard CUNY systems and data.” In addition, please review important information for staying secure. Coincidentally, this week’s message is about strong passwords.

SMS Messaging and/or voice notifications will no longer be an option as per CUNY policy. We encourage you to do the following to prepare for multi-factor authentication (MFA) when remotely accessing CUNY systems starting on Oct. 18.

  1. If you do not currently use the Microsoft Authenticator, please download it to your mobile telephone.
  2. Follow the instructions to set up your MFA account for use with remote access.
  3. For further information view the CUNY MFA Users Guide for Remote Access.

If you have issues setting up your MFA account, please contact:

By CSI Technology Services