The Center for Teaching, Learning, and Professional Development is planning a series of workshops/lectures in January 2024 (Jan. 16-19) in preparation for the Spring semester. We are also accepting proposals for Spring 2024.    

We are seeking presenters from faculty and staff interested in sharing their expertise in the following categories below. Please go online to indicate your interest in one or any of the categories. We also welcome other subtopics you might want to share within the main categories:

Pedagogy: Inclusive teaching; Making your teaching practices more welcoming, reflections on teaching online (asynchronous or synchronous), problem-based learning, collaborative teaching methods, integrating alternatives to lectures; game-based learning, etc. 

Student Engagement: Engaging students in large classes, supporting students on the day after, providing constructive feedback to learners, supporting student identities and needs, navigating difficult questions in the classroom, providing effective advisement strategies, using EdTech tools to engage learners, discussing stress and anxiety of students in the classroom, etc.

Assessment: Program-level assessment, Creating assessment alternatives to exams, un-grading/de-emphasizing grades; aligning course content to learning outcomes, constructing effective online assignments, etc.

Research: Explore faculty/student research collaborations; Facilitating faculty research and scholarship, through grants, mentorship, and other resources; etc.

Course Design: Creating a more inclusive and digitally responsive course/program/curriculum, revamping your syllabus, creating an accessible and inclusive syllabus, creating a visual syllabus, etc. 

Career Conversations: Embedding career readiness in course design, experiential learning, career-ready skills, using the classroom as professional space, integrating career-relevant outcomes into your teaching, etc.

Please go online to indicate your interest in one or any of the categories. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us at

By the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Professional Development