Please visit the Library Gallery  (Building 1L) 1st Floor to view a pop-up exhibit curated by the students and future educators taking the course, EDE 305 (Social Studies, Art, and Reading and Language Arts in Elementary Education). As the students noted: 

“We are the EDE 305 Art class of 2023 who will become future educators. Our goal as future educators is to teach students that artwork can be a powerful tool for self-expression, preserving cultural heritage, and fostering creativity. They can also help people expand their understanding of different perspectives, challenge their assumptions, inspire them to think critically, and engage with important social issues. Our showcase theme is a scavenger hunt where we want our audience to identify the explorations and the pieces that speak to you.”

Here are the few but many explorations that we’ve had created during the semester: 

  • Locate a Peaceful Place
  • Locate The Day the Stereotypes Quit
  • Locate Magnificent Homespun Brown 
  • Locate Turn Your Mark into a Story 
  • Locate A New Blue
  • Locate Texture Rubbing 
  • Locate Rip & Paste 
  • Locate Paper Making 
  • Locate My Sky Colors
  • Locate Composition
  • Locate Patterns 
  • Locate My Limes
  • Locate I Promise 

We want our audience to identify and interact with the theme of each artwork we’ve created using their creative eyes. 

Post-it notes will be provided for the interactive aspect of the EDE 305 art exhibition. 

Learn more on our News and Events Blog.

I hope to see you there.

By Amy F. Stempler