A faculty team of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction in the College of Staten Island’s School of Education was recently awarded a total of more than $50K (2024-2025) by the CUNY Research Foundation’s CITE (Computing Integration in Teacher Education) initiative for two research studies titled “Equitable Integration: Examining Teacher Candidates’ Self-Efficacy, Cultural Responsiveness, and Technology Proficiency” (led by Dr. Rebecca Curinga) and “Exploring Teacher Perceptions of Artificial Intelligence as a Tool to Support Teaching and Learning in P-12 Classrooms” (led by Dr. Ting Yuan). In addition, Dr. Marta Cabral and colleagues across CUNY campuses were awarded a CITE grant titled “A Cross-Campus Collaboration on CITE Faculty Values and Beliefs.” Please see the results of awarded CUNY campuses.    

Six CSI faculty members will be involved in the research projects. They are Dr. Ting Yuan, Dr. Rebecca Curinga, Dr. Marta Cabral, Dr. Stephanie Schmier, Dr. Judit Kerekes, and Professor Steven Azeka.    

In a joint statement, the faculty team noted that “receiving the CITE grants help affirm faculty research and practice at CSI toward the expanded landscape of 21st-Century teaching and learning for diverse learners in P-12 classrooms.”