The College of Staten Island and co-conveners Richard Flanagan, Associate Professor, Political Science, Economics, and Philosophy, and James Kaser, Associate Professor, the CSI Archives present “The Staten Island Colloquium: Faculty/Staff Works in Progress on Staten Island Research,” two lectures in October and November that address the political climate on Staten Island.

On Tuesday, October 18, Professor Emeritus Daniel Kramer (Political Science) will present “Staten Island: ‘Red State’ or ‘Blue State’?” in the CSI Library, Room 216 from 5:00pm to 6:00pm. In this lecture, Professor Kramer will argue that there is a competitive two-party system on Staten Island. While Staten Island “leans” Republican, charismatic Democrats who are seen as tough on welfare and crime, can win elections. The political differences between North and South Shore communities, as well as the role of incumbency and intra-party fights, will be considered.

The Colloquium will continue on Tuesday, November 15 with a lecture by Associate Professor Richard Flanagan (Political Science) entitled “Democracy in the Global City: The Case of the Staten Island Secession Movement” in the CSI Library, Room 216 from 5:00pm to 6:00pm. Associate Professor Flanagan will present his research on the Staten Island secession movement, drawing on comparisons to secession movements and governance conflicts in other global cities.

For more information on The Staten Island Colloquium, please call 718.982.4218.2365 by September 30.