This year’s brightest public and parochial high schoolers will meet in a hotly contested academic competition on Saturday, April 28 at 9:30am at the College of Staten Island (CSI).

Last year’s winner, St. Joseph by the Sea, will be seeking to retain their first place overall standing. Two hundred students from 17 schools will participate in categories such as English, Literature, and Advanced Placement English; Social Studies—Global History 1st Year, Global History 2nd Year, American Studies, and Advanced Placement American Studies; Mathematics—Math A, Math B, Pre-Calculus, Calculus; and Science—Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Advanced Placement Biology.

No student may take more than one test because the exams are given simultaneously. It is therefore necessary for schools to select their best students in each subject area.

There will be three individual winners in each category as well as an overall school winner for the subject area. In addition, there will be an award for first, second, and third place school for total points accumulated in all subjects.

“I always look forward to wholesome academic competition among our best and brightest high school students,” said Dr. James Sanders, Discovery Institute Co-director, “and I am amazed and impressed to see so many talented, motivated Staten Island high school students willing to spend a spring Saturday pursuing academics when most of their peers are otherwise engaged.”

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