The Accounting program at the College of Staten Island has just received approval from New York State for its 150 Program, in an effort to keep abreast of changing requirements for Accounting majors to sit for the New York State Certified Public Accountant examination. Beginning in August 2009, future accountants will need 150 credit hours to sit for the state exam; at present, the requirement is 120 hours.

In response, CSI has unveiled the 150 Program, which gives budding accountants 120 credit hours at the undergraduate level and adds the additional 30, through the College’s Master’s of Science in Business Management program, that will be required next summer.

John Sandler, Assistant Professor of Business at CSI, says that the changes “offer students an enhanced program. The program was expanded, more courses were added in order to meet the guidelines that New York State set, so they’ll be better prepared for the accounting world. Even students who don’t go on to complete the 150, students who are just getting an accounting degree for 120 credits, can get a much more substantial education.”

As a result, Sandler continues, “we’ll be able to get more people out there who are better prepared in the workforce. If we didn’t have this program, obviously, students would have to go elsewhere. Now they can stay on Staten Island and fulfill all the requirements that they need.”

Sandler adds that CSI’s current Accounting program meets the 120-credit-hour requirement for students to sit for the state CPA exam.

The Accounting program at CSI has just received approval from New York State for its 150 Program.