At a time when the social challenges we face sometimes seem overwhelming, your donation to The CUNY Campaign for Charitable Giving counts more than ever before. Homeless families, abused children, elderly shut-ins and teens at risk of dropping out of school–these are just a few of the many people helped each year by educational opportunities through the support received from The CUNY Campaign for Charitable Giving.

If you use your local recreation association, if your parents participate in activities at the neighborhood senior citizens center, or if your child attends a daycare center or after-school program, chances are your life is a little better thanks to The CUNY Campaign.

The CSI Foundation is a non-profit organization that raises funds for student scholarships. You can choose to send your dollars to the CSI Foundation in support of scholarships for our students. Simply indicate code “1618” on your pledge form.

There is one essential ingredient that enables The CUNY Campaign to support the many valuable human and community development programs serving your area, the nation, and the world: your contribution. Each of us needs to make a donation that will help make another less fortunate person’s life a little better.

I am convinced that our contributions, yours and mine, can and do make a difference. Together, we can help promote positive and lasting changes in people’s lives.

Last year, you and your colleagues donated $16,926, which made it possible for CSI to reach our goal for the second year in a row. If you haven’t contributed in the past, please consider making a donation in this year’s campaign. As little as $1 from your biweekly pay provides five hours of literacy instruction to help an adult learn to read or six Thanksgiving turkeys, with all the trimmings, for the hungry.

The coordinator for the CSI campus is Vice President Barbara Eshoo. For details on the campaign, you may view the interactive CUNY Campaign Brochure.

I hope that you consider designating your contribution to the mission of the CSI Foundation by using code “1618” on your CUNY Campaign Pledge Form.

Please return the completed pledge form to the Advancement Office, Building 1A, Room 401, via interoffice mail.

Thank you for continuing a valued tradition.