The results of the University Faculty Senate (UFS) elections are as follows:

Elected as a Full-Time UFS Senator for a three-year term, starting May 2010: Prof. Roberta Klibaner

Elected as the Full-Time Faculty Alternate UFS Senator for a one-year term, starting May 2010: Dr. Jonathan Peters

Elected as a UFS Senator, representing the Adjunct Faculty, Substitute Faculty, and Full-Time College Laboratory Technicians for a one-year term, starting May 2010: Prof. Michael Batson

The Alternate UFS Senator, elected for a one-year term, beginning May 2010: Carol DiMartinis Hartman

The other CSI Full-Time Faculty UFS Senators whose terms are continuing are: Dr. Kathryn Talarico (2011), Dr. Alfred Levine (2011, term currently being served by an alternate), Dr. Sandi Cooper (2012), Prof. Mohamed Yousef (2012), and Dr. Alan Zimmerman (2012)

The chair thanks Committee on Organization members Dr. Margaret Berci and Dr. Simone Wegge, and College Assistant Ms. Debbie Lane for their diligent work in processing the ballots for this election.

Ad Hoc Committee on Instructional Technology (CSI Faculty Senate)

Elected to the five-member committee are: Prof. William Bernhardt (English), Prof. Wilma Jones (Library), Prof. Catherine Lavender (History), Prof. John Owens (Computer Science), and Prof. Jose Torres (Engineering Science and Physics)

-Dr. Alan Benimoff