C.W. Anderson, Assistant Professor of Media Culture at CSI, has recently received the first annual Gene Burd Urban Journalism Research Prize for his dissertation, entitled “Breaking Journalism Down: Work, Authority, and Networking Local News, 1997-2009.” Anderson received the prize at the most recent International Communication Association (ICA) meeting in Singapore.

Commenting on his award, Anderson said, “Obviously, receiving any academic award from a prestigious association like the ICA is an honor. Receiving it for research that I think sheds light on current public debates — what’s the future of American journalism?– is a particular honor. And I’m excited to be able to continue to build on this research here at CSI, with the support of the school and the fantastic Media Culture faculty.”

Cindy Wong, Chairperson of the Department of Media Culture, stated, “The Department is very proud that Professor Anderson is the first recipient of the Gene Burd Urban Journalism Research Prize. His dissertation on local Philadelphia media examines how journalism has changed in this very important juncture where traditional print journalism is facing challenges imposed by the development of online, digital journalism, both in the gathering as well as dissemination of news. Instead of giving a simplistic view on the projected demise of print journalism, Anderson provides a nuanced understanding of what new journalistic work entails and examines the changing standard of journalistic authority where the digital bloggers can no longer be ignored.”

Dr. Wong added, “With his deep understanding of this very complex new journalistic landscape, the Department is looking forward to Professor Anderson’s leadership in redesigning a new curriculum that will provide our students with the most up-to-date journalistic theories and practices to empower them to become journalists of the new 21st century digital environment.”