Igor Arievitch, has just published a book chapter, cited below, about the activity approach in sociocultural psychology.  He joins a distinguished group of invited co-authors for the volume, including such other superstars of contemporary psychology as Rom Harre, John Shotter, Kenneth Gergen, Michael Cole, and others, each of whom represented branches of sociocultural psychology (discursive, hermeneutic, dialogical). Suzanne Kirschner and Jack Martin, the editors of the volume, are former presidents of the APA’s Division for Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology.

Please join me in congratulating Prof. Arievitch on this impressive scholarly achievement.

Stetsenko, A. & Arievitch, I.M. (2010). Cultural-historical activity theory: Foundational worldview and major principles. In J. Martin and S. Kirschner (Eds.), The Sociocultural Turn in Psychology: The Contextual Emergence of Mind and Self (pp.231-253). New York, NY: Columbia University Press.