Just a few weeks ago, an unprecedented thing happened at the College of Staten Island.  Amidst the buzz of the spring sports season, CSI hoops star T.J. Tibbs, the team’s 5-10 rookie point guard by way of transfer, declared, almost anonymously, for early entry into the 2011 NBA Draft.  The first-team CUNYAC All-Star soon learned that you can’t fly under the radar that easily and soon most people around Tibbs heard of his decision and began to ask the same question: “What are you thinking?”

Earlier this week, Tibbs sat down to discuss his decision with Dime Magazine sportswriter Daniel Marks, setting the record straight on his decision to enter, and later withdraw from consideration, into the draft.  Tibbs’ efforts to land a professional contract are certainly not over, and the guard plans to go further in his quest.  Tibbs’ story, however, does more to cast a universal light on Division III basketball on the whole and the unique student-athletes who share the same dreams, aspirations, and worth ethic as their Division I and international counterparts.

The full article by Dime Magazine is available here.  With its tagline of, “The Game. The Player. The Life.” Dime Magazine started circulation in 2002 as a magazine dedicated exclusively to basketball, from the pro-game to the cement playgrounds.  Daniel Marks is a contributing writer who can also be found on Twitter at @dgm591.