Zanade Mann (left) is the winner of the 2011 Staten Island Soroptimist Women’s Opportunity Award. She is joined by Catherine Putkowski-O'Brien.

Zanade Mann, a College of Staten Island Psychology major, has won the 2011 Staten Island Soroptimist Women’s Opportunity Award.

Soroptimist, which means “the best for women,” is an international service organization for professional business and executive women. The organization is involved in creating UN policy, has a strong international lobbying constituency, and locally assists girls and women create their goals and dreams.

Zanade was one of many college women who applied for the Women’s Opportunity Award, which is given to a woman returning to college who demonstrates strong academic achievement, motivation to achieve her educational and career goals, and has financial need and at least one dependent and two letters of reference attesting to her academic strengths and motivation.

Zanade’s application was the most impressive application we have seen thus far. Her writing style was impeccable, her academic and career goals realistic with measurable, realistic objectives and delineation of the process involved in attaining these goals. Letters of reference demonstrated not only her academic strengths but also her volunteer service and two self-initialed service projects for inner-city girls. Not only is she a 2011 Women’s Opportunity Award Winner but a future Soroptimist member.