The Sigma Beta Delta honor society recently held its inaugural induction ceremony.

The College of Staten Island (CSI) recently held its inaugural induction ceremony for its chapter of the Sigma Beta Delta International Honor Society for Business, Management, and Administration.

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The society’s main function is to reward upper-class or graduate Business students who have achieved academic excellence and placed in the top 20 percent of their class.

“CSI now has a way to formally recognize its students that transcends institutions and even countries,” said Dr. Susan Holak, Associate Provost for Institutional Effectiveness and Professor of Marketing, addressing the importance of having a chapter on the CSI campus.

The 53 CSI student inductees hold majors in a variety of fields—including students from The Verrazano School and the Macaulay Honors College—such as Accounting, Finance, International Business, Management, and Marketing.

“Being a part of Sigma Beta Delta is a huge accomplishment. To know that I am in the top 20 percent of my class makes me feel like all my hard work during college really paid off. I am honored to be part of such a great honor society,” said Adejoke Adegoke, Accounting major and President of the Accounting Club. Francesco Cirillo, an honoree majoring in Marketing and International Business added, “I would have never thought I would achieve such a prestigious honor…I dedicate this award to my parents for sacrificing themselves to give me the opportunity to achieve the unimaginable.”

Along with these exceptional students, 12 faculty and members of the administration were also inducted for creating the learning experiences that are at the heart of the Sigma Beta Delta mission. The inducted professors include Soon Chun, Daniel Gagliardi, Patricia Galletta, Rosane Gertner, Jonathan Peters, George Wang, and Alan Zimmerman.

“Having a chapter on campus is “a great way for the Business Department to recognize the outstanding academic achievements of our students. Students receive lifetime recognition as well as other benefits such as networking opportunities and the eligibility to compete for the society’s fellowship awards,” said Professor Deepa Aravind, Assistant Professor of Management.

President Tomás D. Morales and Provost William Fritz were also inducted as honorary members.

The CSI Business Department is the largest department on campus in terms of enrollment, and its students now have an academic honor for which they can strive as they pave their way toward success. Sigma Beta Delta gives the highest-achieving students further accolades to use as they build their network bases from CSI and its environs to members across the globe, giving Sigma Beta Delta members a leg up in the extremely competitive world of business. “Our chapter of Sigma Beta Delta is another reflection of the growth of our school and the progress of our students,” said Professor Thomas Tellefsen, Professor of Business at CSI.

The inaugural induction ceremony of this 372nd chapter of the society was also a way to honor the hard work of those who helped to establish the CSI chapter of Sigma Beta Delta— Chapter President Holak,  Chapter Vice President  Tellefsen, and Chapter Secretary-Treasurer Deepa Aravind, when they were formally inducted on April 26.

The honor society’s principles are imbedded in its name: Sigma, which means wisdom, is meant to remind students that wisdom is not merely information but is the acknowledgment of information and the ability to incorporate it into one’s own life.  Beta, which signifies honor, demands that students respect others and are willing to provide leadership to the benefit of humankind. Finally, Delta signifies the pursuit of meaningful aspirations.

“As members of Sigma Beta Delta, (CSI students) will join thousands of other individuals who have excelled in business-related studies and have promised to uphold the tenets of the honor society,” said Dr. Holak as she addressed the inductees.

The CSI Business Department will be listing all of the Sigma Beta Delta honorees on the Department Website as a way to further honor the hard work of its members.