The CSI Baseball team follows many traditions including one that is very close to their hearts such as the annual giving of Thanksgiving dinners with Teddy Atlas Foundation. This is the 4th year the Dolphins have been going down to Cary Avenue to help feed local Staten Islander’s.

The team handed out 1,000 turkeys, 700 lbs of potatoes and 700 lbs of canned corn string beans and stuffing to families in Staten Island who otherwise wouldn’t be having a warm hot meal this Thursday on Thanksgiving.

“I love the Teddy Atlas Foundation,” says Head Coach Mike Mauro, “I love what he does for Staten Islanders. He doesn’t give money to foundations; he goes directly to the individuals who need it. If someone needs money for food or a ramp for wheel chairs at their house they’ll go directly to that person’s home and deliver and build.”

Coach Mauro started the tradition when he took over the head coaching position in 2009; “I wanted to make sure the kids saw what goes on right around the corner from them. It shows them what others don’t have while it helps them appreciate what they have”

Before the days events, Teddy Atlas spoke to the athletes where he mentioned, “We’re all put on this earth for a reason and one reason is to help people; it’s that simple.”

Mauro described how, despite the recent events of Hurricane Sandy so close to them, being at the Atlas Foundation really hit home with his players; “A handful of them came up me and said it was a great and inspiring of a day it was to them, they didn’t realize there were that many homeless people on the Island and they were so glad they were able to help them.”

“I want CSI baseball to synonymous with helping Staten Islanders,” Mauro said proudly, “Because playing for the College of Staten Island, we represent the Island.”