The College of Staten Island Payroll Office responsibilities have been centralized and reassigned by the University. Please use the list below as a reference for addressing your payroll questions. 

Employees in hourly titles such as College Assistant, Tutor, Sign Language Interpreter, Disability Accommodations Specialist Hourly, Staff Nurse Hourly, IT Hourly Titles, CUNY Custodial Assistant Hourly, and Campus Security Assistant Hourly, please contact the Business Office in Building 3A, Room 201: 

Heather Blaylock, 718.982.2485 / Sherry Heller, 718.982.2462

Time sheets can be mailed or hand delivered and placed in the Lock Box outside of Building 3A, Room 201.

Employees in PSC hourly titles such as Adjunct College Lab Tech, Non-Teaching Adjunct, Continuing Education Teacher, and CUNY Language Immersion Program CE Teacher, please contact Business Office in Building 3A, Room 203:

Rosemarie McNerney, 718.982.2489 / Sherry Heller, 718.982.2462

Time sheets for Non-Teaching Adjuncts and CLTs must be sent to Human Resources in Building 1A, Room 204, please contact:

Carol Perrotto, 718.982.2372 / Susan Hannafin, 718.982.2374

Timesheets for employees in all other titles will continue to be sent to Human Resources.

All payroll questions regarding full-time employees and Teaching Adjuncts should be directed to:

CUNY Payroll Systems, Operations and Solutions
395 Hudson Street, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10014

Please contact:

Jeffrey Ratliff

Jevonne Dixon

Melva Villa

CUNY Payroll Systems, Operations and Solutions will address the following issues and requests for all employees:

Payroll questions for all titles, except hourly titles stated above
Tax withholdings
Direct deposit
Requests for paychecks to be returned from NYS (re: paychecks not picked up by employee within 30 days)
Requests for duplicate W-2s
Address changes
Work location change (re: paystub delivery for employees on direct deposit) 

For issues regarding garnishments, please contact the Office of the State Comptroller, Garnishment Unit: 518.474.4042

Employee tax withholding forms and direct deposit forms can be obtained from and should be submitted when complete to:

Human Resources
College of Staten Island
2800 Victory Blvd.
Building 1A, Room 204
Staten Island, NY 10314

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Ed Rios or Hope Berte.