Exams have been posted on the DCAS Website for Stationary Engineer (CUNY), both promotional and open competitive.

The deadline to submit applications for both exams is Tuesday, July 1, 2014.

Candidates may also apply online through the City of New York Online Application System Website (OASys).

Employees in provisional and temporary status in these titles must take the appropriate exam and have an exam score that is reachable on the list when it is established in order to be appointed probable permanent from the list.

Please note: These are exams for CUNY positions that DCAS is administering. DCAS is giving exams for the same titles for New York City and HHC positions.  Candidates must take the Stationary Engineer (CUNY) or Stationary Engineer (CUNY) (PROM) exam in order to be eligible to be appointed to CUNY positions.

If there are any questions, candidates may send an email to classified.centex@cuny.edu.