The National Science Foundation has provided a $356,134 grant to support a three-year REU Site at the College of Staten Island with technical support from CUNY’s High Performance Computing Center, in an area of increasing national importance: Computational Methods in High Performance Computing with Applications in Computer Science. The award is also sponsored by Department of Defense.

“REU Site: Research Experience for Undergraduate in Computational Methods in High Performance Computing with Applications to Computer Science” is under the direction of Principal Investigator (PI) Louis Petingi and co-PI Xiaowen Zhang.  Team members include:  Feng Gu, Zhanyang Zhang, and Nelly Tournaki from the School of Education.

The REU Site recruits eight undergraduate students, for a ten-week summer experience, who undertake challenging problems with their mentors, in different research sub-fields of computer science (e.g., Graph Theory, Network Reliability, Cryptography, Network Security, Wireless Ad-hoc, Sensor Networks, and Complex Systems Modeling and Simulation) that require parallel processing programming techniques to be solved. Selected students develop competency in scientific research, improve oral presentations and writing skills. The program is aimed to help students produce significant research results which are written up in a format acceptable for publication in either a conference or journal.

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