On Thursday, October 02, 2014 the CSI Intramural and Recreation Program held its 2nd Student vs. Faculty/Staff kickball game on CSI’s very own softball field. The weather held up, but the Faculty/Staff team did not. Besides being outnumbered by nearly 3 to 1, Faculty/Staff were able to shut out the Students for a 4-0 victory. This was the 2nd win in a row for the Faculty/Staff as the last time up they also won by a score of 8-2. The game was a bit lopsided on the scoreboard as Faculty/Staff ran up 21 hits compared to the Students 7.

    Neither team got off to a quick start as both teams were held scoreless in the first inning. The game went into the bottom of the second still scoreless, when a huge homerun from #35, Tom “The Leg” Krychkowski (Assistant Sports Information Director) raced his way around every base for an inside-the-park homerun. Putting Faculty/Staff up by a score of 1-0, which ended up being all they needed for the win. The Students gave their best effort to answer back in the third inning by getting a total of 4 players on base, but failed to bring any of them home due to a couple of miss haps and a double play.

    Faculty/Staff continued to add to their lead scoring one run in both the third, sixth, and seventh innings. Despite a good effort from the Student’s team, they were barely able to get players on base for the remainder of the game. Going into the top of the ninth the Students were ready to give their last push for a comeback, sending up the heart of their lineup.

    Faculty/Staff countered by calling from the bullpen their closer and captain, #12, Danny Goldman (Assistant Intramural Coordinator) After getting the first out of the inning, it was captain vs. captain as the Student’s sent their heavy hitter, #38, Martin Mbamalu (Student and RA at Dolphin Cove) up to start the comeback. Mbamalu won the battle by sending a base “kick” into left field, attempting to start a 9th inning rally for the Students. However, with a great defensive effort from the Faculty/Staff team, which was persistent all game long, they got out of the inning without allowing another runner on base. The Students gave their best effort, but came up short overall for the second time in a row.

The next Student vs. Faculty Game will be a volleyball game on Tuesday, Oct. 21. Be sure to register and feel free to ask any questions by sending an email to intramurals@csi.cuny.edu for any further information.