Throughout the academic year, you might engage with a student who may cause you to be concerned about his or her well-being, is disruptive in class, or leads you to believe that he or she poses an imminent threat to the campus community. These are the types of situations when the College’s Campus Assessment Referral and Evaluation System (CARES) can be helpful to you and the campus community.

The purpose of the College of Staten Island’s CARES Team is to provide a systematic response to students whose behavior is disruptive to themselves and/or the campus environment. Our goal is to facilitate the early recognition of inappropriate or unusual behavior, provide early intervention, mitigate risk, and develop a coordinated plan to help students in crises. Any member of the College community can reach out to the CARES Team to report a concern by contacting a CARES Team member or completing an online reporting form. A CARES brochure with more information is online for your reference.

If you have any questions about CARES or want to consult with someone about a student who concerns you, please do not hesitate to contact any of the CARES Team members.