At our recent College Convocation, we celebrated our rich continuum, a continuum that not only consists of our present and future, but also our rich legacy dating back to the establishment of Staten Island Community College in 1956, Richmond College in 1967, and the merger of institutions creating the College of Staten Island in 1976.

We were reminded that our legacy, the foundation of all that we have accomplished today and what we hope to accomplish tomorrow, is about people. It is about the contributions of students, faculty, staff, and the Staten Island community. The holiday season also reminds us of the importance of family and friends as we embrace the cherished memories of those we have lost.

For Convocation, we presented a special video celebrating our continuum, which received an incredible response from those in attendance. We have since received an outpouring of requests to share the video with the entire campus community. In celebration of this season of giving, we are happy the share the video with you.

We wish you a wonderful new year filled with peace, joy, and success.