[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NkmQ-TQmmnY[/youtube]Jane Saunders graduates from the College of Staten Island Magna Cum Laude with Honors, earning a Bachelor of Science in Music with a Concentration in Music Technology.

A veteran heavy metal performer, flutist, aspiring composer/arranger, and resident of Staten Island, her senior project, “Symbiotic Explorations” for amplified flute, voices, percussion, and dance, with live computer interaction (attach link of excerpt) was recently premiered as a part of the Plenary Session at the 14th Annual CSI Undergraduate Conference on Research, Scholarship, and Performance.

Speaking of the the “amazing” Music Technology program, Jane notes “when I first started college at the University of Nevada, universities didn’t offer this type of program. After being in the music business for years and deciding to return to school,  I couldn’t be happier with CSI. This is a very special college with many wonderful programs, and the Music Technology Program is outstanding! Thank you Dr. Keberle for your years of guidance, expertise, and support.”

Dr. Keberle notes that Jane was “voted the #1 graduate this year in our Performing and Creative Arts Department, and will will receive the PCA Department’s “2015 CSI Auxiliary Services Corp Award for Academic Excellence in Performing and Creative Arts.”

Jane will be attending SUNY Purchase this Fall, pursuing a Master’s in Music: Studio Composition degree.

In 2005, her indie project, “The Greatest Fear,” exploded on the Los Angeles metal scene with their debut CD,  “The Coronation of the Locust Queen,” selling over 10,000 copies worldwide.  The CD won “Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Album Of The Year” from The Independent Music Awards and Rock City’s “Gothic Band of The Year” title.