Please be advised that a phishing scam is circulating throughout CUNY. Email with varying subject lines all containing a attachment may have arrived in your inbox. The email messages may look like they are coming from other CUNY schools but the email addresses are fake and are not the actual email addresses for the CUNY schools. If you have received such an email, delete it immediately without opening the attached file. If you have opened the attached file, call the Helpdesk at 718.982.3695 to have your computer scanned for viruses.

At the request of CUNY Central, Information Technology is taking steps to block any email that contains a attachment.

As always, be careful when reading email. If the message looks out of the ordinary or contains attachments, try to verify the legitimacy of the email by contacting the sender. If you are not sure if the email is legitimate and can’t verify its authenticity, just delete it. Never open the attachments or click on links in the email.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask.