The Office of Technology Systems (OTS) would like to introduce two procedures that will assist with streamlining operations, as well as provide for greater transparency with your technology needs. In addition, please find updates on the Voice Mail upgrade project below.


The first procedure is in regard to handling chargebacks. We are hoping that this new process will streamline the communication by automatically initiating the technology request, and simplify the paperwork that gets transmitted.

The process will begin by selecting the online chargeback form.

-The link with additional instructions can be found on the Office of Technology’s Website (under Help, Support, & Training/Helpful Forms and Instructions; you may need to hit CTRL F5 on your keyboard to clear your browser settings to see the new form.)

-The new form includes drop-downs for selecting your department and location as well as a hardware cost table that will automatically calculate the items that  you are looking to purchase.

-Upon submission, OTS will automatically be notified that you are requesting the equipment; it will no longer be necessary to email your equipment request.

-Once the form is completed, a confirmation document will automatically be displayed detailing the information that you provided on the form. The form can be printed and used for signature approvals.

-Once all the necessary signatures are obtained, you can send the form to my attention for my approval. The equipment request will be pending until the necessary signatures have been obtained.

-Subsequent to obtaining the necessary signatures, you will then send it back to me for my final approval.

HelpDesk Tickets

OTS is pleased to announce the ability to provide electronic status updates for your technology tickets. Beginning Monday, Nov. 2, you will receive an email from our ticketing system confirming the opening and closing of your Technology tickets. You will also receive a status update if support for a ticket is delayed for more than five business days.

Voicemail System Upgrade

In a previous update, I shared information about the deployment of a new Unified Messaging (UM) system. Unified Messaging will replace our life-cycled voicemail system (Audix). One of the benefits of UM is the ability to access voicemail messages from your CSI email account. We are in the process of integrating Unified Messaging with our Exchange (email) environment. We are expecting a November go-live date for the College community.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.