Life safety continues to be a priority for all at the College of Staten Island. To assist in emergency preparedness, the College has developed an evacuation plan. The plan discusses the type of evacuations that may occur on campus and what occupants should know and what they should do if an evacuation is necessary. The plan also lists and includes a map of the Assembly Areas for all buildings.

The plan and the map may be accessed on the Website of the Office of Environmental Health and Safety at or on the Website of the Office of Public Safety. Building evacuation maps are being installed near the elevators. Please take the time to review the maps for the floors that you occupy.

In conjunction with the evacuation plan, the Office of Environmental Health and Safety and the Office of Public Safety are looking for staff and faculty volunteers to be Evacuation Wardens and Deputy Evacuation Wardens across campus. The Wardens would be assigned to assist during emergencies by directing occupants during an evacuation, in-building relocation, or when sheltering in place. Wardens will be assigned to the floor in which they work. Warden training will be provided to those who are assigned by members of the Office of Environmental Health and Safety and the Department of Public Safety. If you wish to be considered for a Warden position, please send your information to Those who are currently assigned as Wardens should re-submit their information as well to confirm they are still interested in volunteering.

If you have any questions or comments regarding campus safety, please contact these two offices, as we welcome your input and cooperation. Together, we will continue to make the campus a safer environment.