The Core 100 program invites students and faculty from the College to join us for our weekly lecture series. Each week, all of the first-year students participate in lecture-discussions with about 400 of their classmates. We have space in the Center for the Arts (Building 1P) Williamson Theatre to accommodate individual guests, and can have as many as two additional classes at each of the lectures. No permission is needed for classes to attend, but please notify Donna Scimeca (718.982.3405) if you plan to bring a class.

The lectures are 50 minutes and are all in the Williamson Theatre. They meet on the following days/times: Wednesdays at 11:15am and 1:25pm; on Thursdays at 8:00am, 10:10am, 4:40pm, and 6:30pm; on Saturdays at 10:10am.

The focus of the Core Lecture Series this semester will be to directly link the program’s curriculum to current events.

The Lecture Series Schedule for the Week of Dec. 9, 2019 

-All Lectures except Thursday 4:40pm:

“Student Feedback and Stories We Are Watching,” moderated by Donna Scimeca

To mark the end of the Fall 2019 semester, Core students will be asked to share their thoughts on the strengths of the program and offer suggestions on how to make it even stronger. We will also be reflecting on some of the current event topics and pending Supreme Court decisions discussed at lectures this semester and informally survey the students as to which news stories they will be watching.

Thursday, Dec. 12
-4:40pm: “How to End Homelessness on Staten Island,” presented by Core Students

For more than two years, the Core 100 Program has piloted a number of sections of the course that have integrated a civic engagement component into the curriculum. The goal of this pilot has been to provide students with real-life applications of what they were asked to learn in the classroom. The students are tasked with identifying a legal, social, and/or economic problem impacting the Staten Island community and developing creative solutions to the problem. They are then expected to engage with political officials, activists, and/or civic organizations to present their plan to effect change.

This fall, students in Peter Galati’s and Donna Scimeca’s Core classes took on the challenge of how to end homelessness on Staten Island. The students will be presenting their proposals before Core students, elected officials, and the public.

Since this presentation has been opened to the public, it also acknowledges one of the Strategic Priorities of the College’s most recent Strategic Plan, Borough Stewardship: “the College of Staten Island is fully committed to advancing its role as “Steward of Place” through direct, two-way interaction with the Staten Island community through the development, exchange, and application of knowledge, information, and expertise for mutual benefit in such areas as health and safety initiatives, educational partnerships, and economic and career/workforce development. More specifically, the priority states: that the College should“provide opportunities and encouragement for students to be involved in community service, volunteerism, and civic engagement.”

By the Division of Academic Affairs