Diane Quince has recently been selected for the Women’s Forum Education Award, a prestigious city-wide opportunity that provides $10,000 to women who have overcome extraordinary challenges to pursue their educational goals.

Quince can often be found typing away within the CSI Library, determined to make every stroke of the keyboard have an impact as she ponders the societal conditions affecting NYC’s most vulnerable populations. A student of the Percy Ellis Sutton SEEK Program, she is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in English Writing with the intention to raise awareness for communities in need. She is committed to helping those who have lost their way, focusing on restoring hope in people who have fallen victim to substance abuse and homelessness, and connecting them with the resources they need to overcome their circumstances.

Quince herself is no stranger to adversity. Left to make her own way in the world as a teenager, she has risen above a myriad of struggles to enter college at the age of 61.

Commenting on how she feels about having received the award, Quince said, “I like it! I have never before had a purpose in my life. When I started CSI, I found caring, support, and encouragement. Most of all I found purpose. From SEEK, to Accessibility, to Ms. [Michele] Callahan [Fellowship and Scholarship Advisor], I have felt nothing but love. I hope by being a recipient of this Prestigious Award I have brought honor to my beloved school.”

In addition to maintaining an outstanding academic record, Quince has dedicated extensive volunteerism to Samaritan Daytop Village on Staten Island, including serving as a motivational speaker during special events. She is also a member of the SEEK Program Women’s Club, through which she endeavors to foster confidence in young women and a sense of inclusion for students who have returned to college after suffering the most daunting of obstacles. Avidly devoted to helping others, Quince likewise engages in fundraising initiatives for the LGBTQ community and for those living with HIV/AIDS.

By Michele Callahan