The Autumn Moon Festival is one of the most important holidays in the Chinese calendar. On Sunday, September 11, a group of CSI students and alumni, and students from the CSI High School for International Students volunteered at the SNUG Harbor Cultural and Botanical Garden during the Autumn Moon Festival Celebration.

There were more than 500 visitors gathered at the New York Chinese Scholars Garden who attended the festival. They enjoyed traditional Chinese instrument performances including harmonica and flute, Qipao dance, calligraphy, dumpling-making, and the triumphant return of the Lion Dance by Shaolin Kung Fu Temple. There was also delicious food catered by East Pacific Pan Asian Bistro.

A group of eight CSI students and alumni * led by Prof. Yu Tsui Lin, World Languages and Literatures Department, and Winnie Brophy, Center for Global Engagement, were stationed at the riddles and karaoke table, where senior Brandon Torres, was in charge the riddles. They came early to help set up different stations at the Chinese Garden, transporting water, getting tables ready, etc. Prof. Lin even bought each of the volunteers special bubble tea. The group did a wonderful job engaging the participants with riddles. Prof. Lin also asked her students to practice several moon songs for the big day. Donovan Withers printed copies of lyrics with translations to help the visitors to sing along. Karaoke was so enjoyable. There was a great singer from CSI.

Eight students from CSI High School of International Studies **were teaching visitors how to make paper lanterns. The high school students did a wonderful job of teaching some of the young participants. The lanterns all colorful with different sizes. The group was very patient and attentive.

Jasmine Chen, a junior who led group, mentioned that, “We all had a great time and it was my first time being in that area and doing activities for the Mid-Autumn Festival! I hope there is another opportunity for us to be able to do something like this again!”

Prior to the opening of the event, there was a moment of silence in honor of the victims of September 11, and the bravery of so many on that day.

The Autumn Moon Festival couldn’t have been as successful without the involvement of our CSI students and the CSI High School as part of the team of a wider group of participants.

*Volunteers from the College of Staten Island/CUNY

  1. Tina Li
  2. Meiyuan Lin
  3. Fen Fen Liu
  4. Freeman Liu
  5. Regan Sou
  6. Brandon Torres
  7. Donovan Withers
  8. Jiahao Zheng
  9. Prof. Yu Tsui Lin, World Languages and Literatures Department
  10. Winnie Brophy, Center for Global Engagement

**Volunteers from CSI High School International Studies

  1. Ananthini Anantharajah
  2. Jasmine Chen
  3. Vicki Chen
  4. Venus Choi
  5. Kaemon Guo
  6. Rachel Lei
  7. Diandra Tissera
  8. Bonnie Zhen

To view photos of the event, visit the Center for Global Engagement Photo Gallery on Facebook.

By Winnie Brophy