You may have heard the trending term “Work-based Learning,” as essential to connecting academic fields of study with paid internships and apprenticeships while earning a degree. In recent times, it has taken on a compelling focus in higher education, as well as at CUNY, to create foundational paid work experiences for students, while bolstering degree completion and post-graduate success in the world of work—a key to upward social mobility.

The Center for Career and Professional Development has been a long-time proponent of the value-added knowledge and experience that Work-based Learning brings to building students’ résumés, as well as serving as the core of successful job placement. Notably, the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) has reported that major hiring decisions have shifted in the past ten years to hiring candidates who completed an industry-related internship in their field of study, rather than solely based on their major.

Over the years, CSI students have benefited from paid internships though a wide range of career fairs, and past funding from the CUNY Service Corps, the Internship Stipend Program, the Career Success on Campus Program, Braided Pathways Work-based Learning for the tech industry, and the College Career Success Academy. The Center connects students to these opportunities and provides them with ongoing career and self-development counseling, equipping them with career readiness skills for their chosen fields. The Center’s staff also provides support and focus for ongoing long-term career goals, including creating effective résumés and cover letters, building networks, and utilizing on-campus resources to enhance success and hiring ability.   

The Center welcomes developing new and varied Work-based Learning internships for our students through partnerships, with our faculty, alumni, community, business leaders, and grantors who recognize and wish to advance the value of student success. Interested partners can contact Caryl Watkins, Center Director, at

By Jennifer Lynch