Join us for “Recognizing and Helping Students In Distress” on Tuesday, Feb. 28 from 11:00am to noon via Zoom. 

By nearly every metric, student mental health is worsening. During the 2020–2021 school year, more than 60% of college students met the criteria for at least one mental health problem, according to the Healthy Minds Study, which collects data from 373 campuses nationwide (Lipson, S. K., et al., Journal of Affective Disorders, Vol. 306, 2022). In another national survey, almost three-quarters of students reported moderate or severe psychological distress (National College Health Assessment, American College Health Association, 2021).  The COVID-19 pandemic created an even greater need for free and accessible mental health services to students struggling with online learning and social isolation. The CSI Counseling Center has a diverse staff of well-qualified, credentialed mental health professionals who provide direct services to students and consultation services to faculty and staff.  This presentation will cover the scope of CSI Counseling Center services, help faculty and staff learn to recognize signs of student distress, and provide guidance on referring to the Counseling Center.​ All full-time faculty, adjunct faculty, and professional staff are welcome. 


Winnie Eng, PhD, Psychologist, CSI Counseling Center; Kim Montagnino PhD, Psychologist, CSI Counseling Center; and Daphney Rene, PsyD, Clinical Social Worker, CSI Counseling Center 

By the Division of Academic Affairs

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