Bus services for the 2023 Commencement ceremonies on Thursday, May 25, will be as follows:

  • A two-bus Ferry Shuttle service schedule will be implemented starting at 7:05am and running through 2:35pm. Shuttles will run five and 35 minutes after the hour in both directions.
    • The Ferry Shuttle will drop off and pick up at or around the Loop Bus shelter closest to the Front Gate.
  • There will be three Loop Buses running continuously from 7:00am through 3:00pm servicing the Loop Road only.
    • The Center for the Arts/Administration Circle will be closed for Commencement.
    • Instead, for Commencement only, the Loop Bus will stop by the Administration Circle exit on Loop Road by 2A.
  • There will be two Accessibility Vans running from 7:00am through 3:00pm on an as-needed basis.
  • The S93 will be dropping off and picking up at the Front Gate only from the start of their schedule until 3:00pm. You should utilize the Loop Bus to move around campus.

All services will stop after 3:00pm on Thursday May 25 and will resume at 7:05am Tuesday May 30.

Please enjoy a safe and celebratory CSI Commencement.

By Andrew Diaz