On February 15, I got to cover this year’s Winterfest, hosted st the Campus Center, alongside my best friend and partner in crime of 15 years, Mia. I embarked on an afternoon of snacks and games funded by Student Activity Fees and all themed to the winter season.

The second Connect Four basketball was set up and it was swarmed with students. Needless to say, that idea was a slam dunk.

There was also a blow-up target to shoot foam axes at. My partner in crime and I had trouble landing any of the axes on the target, but after seeing Amanee totally own the game, I pulled her aside and asked her what she liked about winter.

“I like the snow and I like the holiday season.”

My jaw about hit the floor, for as much as I love the holidays, I didn’t think anyone really saw the snow as a good thing necessarily. My later interviews, as you’ll see, will prove me wrong. When I asked Amanee why she liked the snow, she said, “[The snow] always reminds me of when I’m younger.”

Oh, such better days before shoveling and commuting to school and work were an issue.

Before exploring the other Winterfest offerings, I decided to ask Mia what she thought of the winter season.

“I like making snowmen and I like not being too hot. I like wearing hoodies and cozy clothes!” She also begged me to mention her love of cozy winter hats.

I wholeheartedly agree, and not just because she’s my bestie. Making snowmen is really fun, and my favorite piece of clothing is a well-worn Green Day hoodie, which I shall mourn once the cold season is finally over.

I spoke to Bernie after this and asked him what he liked about winter. He has sentiments similar to the former two interviewees.

“I think snow days and being able to come in from the cold and have some hot chocolate and staying under a blanket.” It appears the coziness of winter makes up for the cold outside. As for the Winterfest itself, Bernie, who is a sophomore, added, “It’s really well done, this is something I’ll be looking forward to for the next couple years.” Best of luck in your continuing education, Bernie.

After this, Mia and I played mini golf (and totally flopped at it) and got a custom snow globe (which we absolutely adore.) As we floundered about the DIY mini golf course, laser tag was going crazy in the Green Dolphin lounge. Though I didn’t participate, I thought it was hilarious and charming to see some of our students cut loose.

Finally, I asked Gabby what she liked about winter. She said, “I really like the snow; I like how pretty it is when it’s falling.”

While the gaggle of penguins I interviewed may not have changed my overall opinion on the snow, I begrudgingly have to admit they made good points. Snow is pretty and can be fun to play in, and winter overall isn’t a complete slog. As for CSI’s Winterfest, I say it was a success.