The Office of Academic Support is now offering free online tutoring–seven days a week. We strongly urge that students take advantage of this free academic assistance. We believe this service is critical now — during this challenging distance-learning period. Our students need all the structured help we are able to offer.

Please announce and promote this free online tutoring in your classes.

Tutoring is available in a wide variety of subjects in the Humanities and Social Sciences, Business, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. The online service occurs remotely through Blackboard Collaborate, and students can access tutoring sessions online.

Advise your students to identify day and time that work best for them, then click on the tutor’s respective time slot to enter the virtual tutoring room. We are here to help your students stay on top of their coursework.

I would like to express deep gratitude to Dr. Leonardo Pignataro (for us, simply “Leo”) and the team that managed to make this amazing transition happen.

Wishing you and yours a restful weekend in these strange times.

By Ralf Peetz