The CSI Legal Studies Institute presents the Fall 2021 Lecture: “Interest-Convergence:1866, 1954, 2021: Black Rights, White Interests” with Mark A. Graber, Professor, University of Maryland Regents on Thursday, Oct. 14 at 7:30pm via Zoom (link to follow).

Professor Graber’s lecture will discuss the meaning and significance of the idea of “interest-convergence,” the notion that black rights and interests advance in U.S. politics only when it is the self-interests of whites as well.

Mark A. Graber is the University of Maryland Regents Professor (Political Science and Law), one of only seven faculty members in the University of Maryland system to hold that title. He has a JD from the Columbia University School of Law, an MA in Philosophy from Yale University, and a PhD in Political Science, also from Yale University. He is the author of four significant books: A New Introduction to American Constitutionalism (Oxford University Press, 2013), Dred Scott and the Problem of Constitutional Evil (Cambridge University Press, 2006), Rethinking Abortion (Princeton University Press, 1996), and Transforming Free Speech (University of California Press, 1991). He has authored tens of journal articles and book chapters. He is also the co-editor, with Howard Gillman and Keith Wittington, of American Constitutionalism, a widely used casebook in constitutional law.

By Michael Paris