The College of Staten Island Women’s Center announces their first annual Holiday Gift Drive to take place December 6 -17, benefiting The Safe Horizon Staten Island Court Programs.

The gift drive directly benefits women and children in the program, according to Anne Patterson, director of The Safe Horizon Court Programs based in the Staten Island Family and Criminal Courts.

“At our annual holiday party, we celebrate the spirit of the season and honor the strength of our the clients, survivors of domestic violence and their children,” Patterson said, “and an important part of our celebration is giving gifts to the children.”

“A meaningful gift can provide comfort and security to a child who has experienced significant trauma,” she added.

“It’s the season to give the gift of giving,” said Lashon Stockton, an active member of the Women’s Center at CSI, adding that it’s important “to add a little happiness during the holidays to children and women who will truly appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity.”

Drop off sites are located on the Willowbrook campus of the College of Staten Island, 2800 Victory Boulevard , during normal business hours. Locations include: the English Department, building 2S room 218 and the Modern Language department, building 2S room 109; the Social Work Department, building 4S room 223; as well as the Library, building 1L. Gifts may be deposited in the decorated holiday boxes at each location.

Donations are also accepted at Safe Horizon, 67 Targee Street, in care of Anne Patterson or Nicole Ryan.

Gifts can be wrapped or unwrapped. If wrapped, please specify if it is appropriate for a boy, girl or parent. The CSI Women’s Center will host a gift wrapping party on December 17 at 6 p.m. in building 4S room 116. Please bring your own wrapping paper and gift, refreshments will be provided.

For more information or to request pick-up of your donation, contact Lashon Stockton via E-mail at or (917) 435-4612.