CUNY-WIDE Handball Tournament Winners

On Friday, April 27th, 2012 the College of Staten Island’s Intramural/recreation Program partnered with Jasmine Ray and The United States Wall Ball Association Inc. to form a CUNY-WIDE Handball Tournament here at the College of Staten Island’s Sports & Recreation Center.

The CUNY-WIDE Handball Tournament was a big success racking up a total of 26 teams and 52 participants. Most students came from CSI but there were players from LaGuardia Community College, Queens Community College, Kingsborough Community College, City College of Technology, City College of New York, Baruch College, John Jay College, Hunter College, and Brooklyn College.

Before the tournament began the contestants were treated to an exhibition game between Team Puerto Rico and Team USA. The match was fierce, exhilarating, and entertaining as some of the greatest handball players in the world battled volley after volley.

Once the tournament began, teams were dropping with many blow-out wins to begin the first round games. The second and third round games became more interesting. Participants played with all their heart, some faltering and some prevailing.

In the end, the final round came down to Jonathon Pazmino (LaGuardia)  and Franklin Vera (Queens College) whom played Sash Homolka and Micheal Remache (both LaGuardia). Pazmino and Vera came out on top. Trophies were given to teams placed first to third and medals were given to teams placed fourth to eighth. CSI was represented well as four of the eight prizes given out were to CSI teams. Overall, the tournament had a great atmosphere and all players competed with great respect and sportsmanship.

A big thanks goes out to Jasmine Ray and her organization staff who did a remarkable job of running the tournament. If anyone is interested in keeping up with future handball tournaments please email the CSI Interim intramural Coordinator Sal Caruso at