I am writing to share information about Diwali, a cultural and religious holiday best known as the Festival of Lights, being celebrated tomorrow, Nov. 14.  Originating in ancient India with Hindu roots, Diwali is now widely celebrated among those of different faiths and cultures all over the world.  

Diwali is traditionally a multi-day celebration that coincides with the darkest day of the lunar month. On this night, the glow of millions of lights will shine brightest symbolizing its power over darkness. As homes, streets, and skies are illuminated, celebrants are filled with the hope and belief that goodwill always triumph over evil. It is a joyous holiday, filled with lanterns, rituals, colorful artwork, traditional sweet foods, fireworks, gifts, goodwill, ​love, and laughter.  

Diwali is also a spiritual celebration in which one focuses on the inner light of oneself. 

It is a time of self-illumination, goodwill, peace, unity and forgiveness.

We welcome you to join in the festivities by attending a virtual Diwali celebration hosted by the Center for Global Engagement on Wednesday, Nov. 18 from 3:30pm to 5:30pm. During this event, there will be a live dance performance, a cooking presentation, and henna and candle-making workshops. Please be sure to register​ in advance for this program.​

​Best wishes for a joyous Diwali.

By William J. Fritz